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Altacor, is developing and bringing to market a portfolio of specialist ophthalmic products for Glaucoma, Dry Eye and other corneal conditions. It also has a number of products designed for improving ophthalmic procedures.

Altacor products are available on prescription or over-the-counter from pharmacists and optometrists.

Opportunities for retail pharmacy

Altacor eye products are available to order from the following wholesalers: 

  • AAH/Celesio
  • Alliance Healthcare
  • Phoenix Healthcare
  • Sangers

Altacor products are stocked by independent pharmacists, Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots. Training is available to help pharmacists to diagnosis eye conditions and make recommendations. 

See below for Altacor's current range of eye products.

To become an Altacor stockist please contact Claire Tumore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Resources for health professionals

Altacor is a Cambridge-based company that is building a portfolio of differentiated ophthalmic products for the European market. 

It has developed a range of educational materials and training courses for health professionals. 

For example:

Training resources: Administration of eye drops

To help ensure eye drops are administered correctly, Altacor has produced new advice sheets explaining the importance of a good technique and good hygiene. The company has also uploaded a training video to YouTube designed to help carers and others administer eye drops for elderly patients or for those who are unable to easily use eye drops themselves.

Nurse practitioners interested in offering or attending training sessions in dry eye diagnosis are encouraged to contact Altacor. 

Download our top tips for the safe administration of eye drops.


Papers on dry eye:

Support for optometry

Registered opticians and optometrists can order Altacor products directly from the following wholesalers:


three sixty




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There is increasing awareness among the public that Optometrists and Opticians can offer more than just eye tests and can advise on eye health. This is creating an opportunity for the channel to offer more therapeutics. 

The current range of Altacor products can be seen at the bottom of this page. Other products are in the pipeline and will be available shortly.

For more information about how Altacor’s products can extend your range of services please contact Claire Tumore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .






Dry eye clinics

Many optometrists are now offering dry eye clinics for people affected by the condition.

Janet Wilkinson pictured here of Andrew Merry Optometrists, was one of the first to join trials of a self-contained dry eye diagnostics kit. 

The diagnostic kits were provided free of charge by Altacor and No7 and the opticians were trained how to use them.

For example, Aylesbury optician Mr Vaja says participation in the training gave him the confidence to accurately identify symptoms. Mr Vaja has since gone on to establish a dry eye clinic himself.  

Our Clinitas products

The Three prescription products are

Clinitas Multi - 10ml bottle, Multidose lubricant eye drops, truly preservative free, sterile for up to 3 months from opening, contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.4%). Air filtration system, soft tip dropper.

Clinitas packagingClinitas - features the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.4%) available for external ophthalmic use in the UK and benefits from a preservative-free formulation

Clinitas Gel packagingClinitas Gel - contains carbomer 9801. It is a liquid gel formulated to produce a transparent, lubricating film covering the cornea and conjunctiva.