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Treatment of dry eye

treatment of dry eye


Mild dry eye syndrome can be relieved with the following: 

  • regular use of lubricating eye drops
  • treating the underlying cause
  • wearing specialised eyewear

It is not usually a serious condition unless the underlying cause is inflammation or certain diseases where there is an overactive immune system, so if symptoms persist it is advisable to seek medical advice. 

In severe cases, dry eye syndrome may be treated with surgery to block the drainage tear ducts. This is either with temporary plugs or by permanently sealing the drainage hole.  However, the ophthalmologist will first ask if you have been using eye drops regularly. 



You can help ease or prevent dry eyes by: 

  • keeping your eyes and eyelids clean and protecting them from the environment by using glasses 
  • lubricating your eyes with eye drops
  • using your computer or laptop correctly to avoid eye strain by, for example, glancing away from the screen at regular intervals 
  • using a humidifier to moisten the air
  • avoiding air conditioning or sitting directly in front of a fire 
  • eating a healthy diet that includes flaxseed oil and omega-3 fat


Use of Clinitas for dry eye 

Although dry eye cannot be cured, regular use of Clinitas will help to repair the irritated tissues. This leads to a reduction in inflammation which may, in turn, improve natural tear production.

A Clinitas product should be applied 3-5 times daily initially and then the frequency of use can be adjusted to suit the sufferer’s needs. 

Clinitas Soothe is preservative free and therefore can be used more frequently and over extended periods. However, there are no restrictions on how long any Clinitas product can be used. 

How Clinitas can help

The innovative range of Clinitas products has been developed to target the causes of dry eye and provide lasting relief from its symptoms.

  • Clinitas Soother packagingClinitas Soothe - gentle preservative-free eye drop, in re-sealable droppers for all day use
  • Clinitas Hydrate packagingClinitas Hydrate - a gel that increases the tear volume to lubricate and comfort the eye for up to six hours, making it excellent for overnight use and on wakening