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The Clinitas range of eye drops and BlephaCura range are available to buy from Pharmacists and Opticians you can also purchase our complete range via our online partners.

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Our Clinitas range

  • The innovative range of Clinitas products has been developed to target the causes of dry eye and provide lasting relief from its symptoms. The Clinitas dry eye products are recommended by doctors, eye hospitals and opticians and are safe to use with other eye drops and medications. If problems do not improve after five days you should consult a doctor.
  • Clinitas Soother packagingClinitas Soothe - gentle preservative-free eye drop, available 0.4% Sodium Hyaluronate, preservative-free
    eye drop in both a re-sealable unit dose dropper and a 10ml Multi dose bottle which is sterile for up to 3 months, suitable for use with contact

  • Clinitas Hydrate packagingClinitas Hydrate - a gel that increases the tear volume to lubricate and comfort the eye for up to six hours, making it excellent for overnight use and on wakening.

Our Blepha range

  • The Blepharitis Relief Kit includes the BlephaMask, BlephaCura cleansing fluid and BlephaCura Pads, providing everything you need to ease the symptoms of blepharitis.
  • BlephaMask® packagingBlephaMask® - is a high quality eye mask that holds its heat for up to 10 minutes after warming in the microwave. Applying it as a compresses for 7-10 minutes liquifies secretions which can then be removed using the BlephaCura suspension. The BlephaMask also features a temperature indicator on the box to show when the mask is the right temperature for placing over the delicate skin of the eyelids.

  • BlephaCura® packagingBlephaCura® - is a daily eye lid cleanser. It contains liposomes that have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and irritation of the eyelids and to promote the natural healing process. It is a suspension that can be applied using the BlephaCura Pads. Available as 70ml bottles. Contains Soy lecithin, Vitamin A (palmitate), Vitamin E, Ethanol, Sodium Chlorid, Phenoxythanol, Aqua Purificata.
  • BlephaCura Pads ® - These organic cotton pads are soft and hygienic, ideal for bathing the eye and applying BlephaCura.