'Three out of four patients don't need to be here' say eye clinics

Altacor to discuss findings at BCLA (Stand 30), 7-9th June 2013

There are still many patients going to secondary care for dry eye problems that could be effectively treated in the community. This was the conclusion of independent research commissioned by Altacor, a specialist ophthalmic products company, to look at patient pathways.


Altacor puts the heat on blepharitis

A new approach to blepharitis treatment is being launched by Altacor, the ophthalmic products specialists. The Blepharitis Relief Kit is designed to make it easier for patients to follow the essential daily care routine of warmth, massage and cleansing. The Kit is available to order now from Pharmacy wholesalers.


Altacor chair Andy Richards receives BIA lifetime achievement award

Gala dinner for BIA Serial life sciences entrepreneur Dr Andy Richards received the BioIndustry Association (BIA) Lifetime Achievement Award at the Association’s annual Gala Dinner last night.


Dry eye awareness improves patient experience

Optician Mr Nat Vaja was unsure how to advise his patients suffering from gritty and itchy eyes, but after receiving a diagnostic kit as part of a trial run by Altacor, the ophthalmic products specialists, and No7 the contact lenses manufacturer, he has now developed a strong diagnostic procedure which gives him confidence to identify symptoms of dry eye.


Cold weather dries eyes

“We all know our lips dry up when we are in  a cold environment, but some people don’t know their eyes can dry out too”, says Chris Miller of Cambridge-based Altacor, a specialist ophthalmic products company. 

Low temperatures and icy winds can dry out our eyes causing them to water as our tear glands try to compensate. Chris continues “We recommend wearing protective glasses or using lubricant eye drops without preservatives”. The multi-use 0.5ml vials of Clinitas Soothe are perfect to carry alongside your lip balm on a cold day.