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Clinitas Soothe helps Graham rediscover the art of life

When Graham Colbourne retired he was determined not to let a chronic dry-eye condition get in the way of doing more of the things he enjoyed. With a zest to live life to the full, he particularly wanted to spend more time developing his love of painting at his home in Dudley. However, in recent years Graham's suffering had become markedly worse.

He takes up the story: "I have had severe dry-eye for 20 years and am under the care of the eye surgeon at the local hospital. Aged 11, I lost an eye in a golfing accident and strangely the dryness in the socket around my prosthetic eye is worse than the pain I experience in my normal eye.

"In the last few years the pain has been just too much to bear. I had even been going to bed at 8pm just to close my eyes, rest and get some relief the only way that I could. Naturally this had a huge impact on everyday life.

"I must have tried every product on the market. Typically some of them worked for a short time but none brought the long-lasting comfort that I so desperately craved.

Then, in autumn 2009, my wife read about Clinitas Soothe eye drops in a magazine and sent for a free sample. To my delight, it brought rapid relief, taking away the pain and dryness. And, most importantly, the eye drops have kept on working for me.

Now I receive it on prescription and use the handy daily dose vials regularly. "My world has changed and all for the better. I would heartily recommend anyone suffering from dry-eye to give Clinitas Soothe a try. The best thing is feeling as if I can live normally again, properly pursue my passion for painting and get on with all the things that make life worthwhile."

Clinitas brought relief to Graham's dry eye


How Clinitas can help

The innovative range of Clinitas products has been developed to target the causes of dry eye and provide lasting relief from its symptoms.

  • Clinitas Soother packagingClinitas Soothe - gentle preservative-free eye drop, in re-sealable droppers for all day use
  • Clinitas Hydrate packagingClinitas Hydrate - a gel that increases the tear volume to lubricate and comfort the eye for up to six hours, making it excellent for overnight use and on wakening