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Clinitas eye drops ‘lifesaver’ for working mum

This summer Eloise took her family to the beach and barely shed a tear. Just weeks before, her eyes were constantly swollen and irritated as a result of Dry Eye, so a walk along the seafront would have left her eyes streaming. Months of pain and frustration for Eloise ended when her optician recommended Clinitas eye care products. By using Clinitas Hydrate, Ultra 3 and Soothe she can live her life to the full.

She describes how her problems started: “It was Christmas 2010 and I took my family to Disneyland Paris. It was great fun but the freezing cold made my eyes water. In every single picture I’m standing there wiping my eyes with a tissue.”

However, the problem didn’t stop when she got back to the UK. When she sat in front of the computer her eyes became sore and irritated, particularly if the office was air-conditioned. As soon as she stepped outside her eyes would go to the opposite extreme and start streaming.

The constant watering made her vision appear blurred; she felt as if she was losing her sight.

As Housekeeping and Maintenance Manager in a 4* Hotel and mum of two, Eloise leads a busy lifestyle. She describes the impact Dry Eye had on her life: “It got to the stage where I would put on sunglasses and close my eyes to walk from the house to the car in an attempt to stop my eyes from watering. But still my glove box was full of tissues and I couldn’t use the car’s heating or open the window – any change would make the tears begin.”

Two different doctors told her she had conjunctivitis. She used the drops they supplied and threw out all her makeup to make sure it wasn’t harbouring the infection, but it made very little difference.

In fact, things kept getting worse. The skin around her eyes became cracked from excessive moisture and was very painful. Friends noticed and would ask her what was wrong. She stopped wearing mascara because her tears would instantly wash it off, and eventually she had to give up wearing contact lenses too. When her daughters were born Eloise found that contact lenses fitted in with her busy lifestyle and she never thought she would have to go back to glasses.

After eight months of painful, streaming eyes she lost patience and headed to her optician. He explained that she had Dry Eye and that her eyes were trying to compensate by overproducing tears. As Eloise found in Paris, Dry Eye is often a problem in conditions where tears evaporate faster than normal, for example in windy, cold or dry atmospheres.

Eloise now keeps control of her condition with a daily routine. Before going to bed each night she uses Clinitas Hydrate, a liquid gel eye drop that adds volume to the tear layer to reduce friction and provide lubrication. During the day she uses the Clinitas Ultra 3 eye drop before she goes outside, which is ideal for persistent or chronic dry eye. It works on all three layers of the tear film, holding the tear film in the inner layers and adding to the outer layer. This delays the break up of the tears. Finally, she is never far from her supply of Clinitas Soothe drops.

She says: “I use Clinitas Soothe whenever I need to throughout the day. All my handbags, purses and pockets have some in – my husband even keeps and emergency supply for me! I adore the drops. To me they feel like silk cushions in my eyes.

“Before I found out about Clinitas I thought I had tried everything I could – drops, sprays, gels, you name it. But none of it worked.”

Clinitas Soothe is a gentle preservative-free eye drop in easy to use daily re-sealable droppers. Once opened, the cap can be inverted to re-seal the dropper for use throughout the day up to 12 hours. Each dropper contains approximately 10 drops and comes in packs of 20, making Clinitas Soothe an economical and very convenient eye drop.

Her diagnosis with Dry Eye came two days before an important job interview in Canary Wharf. She says: “I had been going to lots of interviews and streaming red eyes were not the impression I wanted to give. So this time I sat on the tube and put in my eye drops thinking ‘please don’t cry’. Thankfully it worked and I went through the whole interview without needing a tissue. 

How Clinitas can help

The innovative range of Clinitas products has been developed to target the causes of dry eye and provide lasting relief from its symptoms.

  • Clinitas Soother packagingClinitas Soothe - gentle preservative-free eye drop, in re-sealable droppers for all day use
  • Clinitas Hydrate packagingClinitas Hydrate - a gel that increases the tear volume to lubricate and comfort the eye for up to six hours, making it excellent for overnight use and on wakening