Papers on blepharitis

New paper advises on eye lid margin hygiene.

Dr. Khaireddin, Dr Hüber, Eyelid hygiene for contact lens wearers with blepharitis. Ophthalmologe 2013 · 110:146–153 [PubMed]



Comparison of use of baby shampoo with phospholipid-liposomal solution for lid margin hygiene.

The paper concludes that although both therapies improved the symptoms of dry eye due to blepharitis in symptomatic contact lens wearers, patients using phospholipid-liposomal solution for lid margin hygiene demonstrated a significantly greater clinical benefit from the therapy. 

Thus, clinical practice recommending just baby shampoo for lid margin hygiene should be re-considered, as phospholipid-liposomal solution for lid margin hygiene appears to yield greater and faster clinical benefits for symptomatic contact lens wearers suffering from dry eye symptoms